3 Ways to Cheer Up Your Pet

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Dog and CatAs much as we don't mean to, sometimes it's easy to take our pets for granted. As a result, we can sometimes miss the signs if our furry friends begin to feel a little down in the dumps. (Of course, this applies to all animals, not just those with fur.) If you live in a Flagstaff apartment and want to do something nice for your pal, here are a few tips. 

1. Hide Their Treats 

It's true for humans and it's true for animals too: Sometimes things are just better when you have to work for them. There are plenty of toys where you can tightly pack in a doggie treat to make it a little more satisfying when they can dig it out. Or get a small ball that will dispense cat treats as your cat rolls it around. You can even just hide treats around the apartment (just make sure that your pet finds them all before you call it a day). 

2.  Spend More Time with Them 

Even if your cat seems entirely indifferent to you, they still want the attention. The more time you play with them, brush their coat, and hang out with them, the better they'll feel. Your pet doesn't necessarily need all that much, but when they start coming over to you for some affection, just make sure you make some time if possible. 

3. Turn on the Radio 

If you have to be apart from your pet for an extended amount of time, classical music can be soothing to them—especially to dogs. There's no way to entirely mitigate the loneliness for them (unless you want to get them a friend), but this can help. 

If you're looking for an apartment in Flagstaff that will welcome your pet, University Square may just be the right place for you. Give us a call today to learn more about our pet policies and availability.

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