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4 Road Trip Games You’ll Want to Play

Off-campus life in a Flagstaff apartment is grand, but sometimes, you just want to leave the Flagstaff area and hit the road. Unfortunately, for every hour you spend gazing at intriguing attractions during your road trip, you spend another two hours dealing with car-based boredom. Turn your road trip into a true adventure with these fun games: 4…

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3 Easy DIY Décor Hacks You’ve Probably Never Tried

Everyone loves a good creative DIY Hack, especially when it comes to decorating your living space. We noticed our NAU Flagstaff residents really seem to enjoy personalizing their apartments here at University Square.  We decided it would be fun to share with our student residents a few DIY decor hacks that can really liven up an…

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How to Meet People at Your Apartment!

Chances are, when you first move into a new apartment, you see every surrounding door as a new stranger. Well we’re here to encourage you to look at those doors differently: as unique opportunities to meet new people. One thing that sets us apart is our sense of community, and we want to encourage you…

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