3 Crafts to Decorate Your Apartment for Winter

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Since there is still a lot of winter left, embrace the rest of this beautiful season with activities that remind us of the joys of winter. These enjoyable crafts can be made by adults or by kids with supervision, and they look great when put out on display in the living room, kitchen or dining room. 

1. Rustic Snowflake String

Cut out 10 paper snowflakes from good quality craft paper. Make the snowflakes all about the same size, but try to vary their shape. When you're done, string a piece of rustic twine between two nails on your wall, and hang up the snowflakes with clothespins. This looks great against a dark background! If your walls are a lighter color, use dark blue paper to make your snowflakes.

2. Wintry Candleholder

For this project, you'll need a thick, sturdy pillar candle and a glass candleholder of the proper size. Fill the bottom of the candleholder with blue, silver and white glass beads; then place the candle on top of the beads. For the finishing touch, wrap twine around the base of the candleholder, and tie a bow with the twine.  

3. Snowy Candy Jar

Paint a jar with the image of a snowman. Use a sponge or a paintbrush to apply acrylic paint to the jar and allow it to dry. Use a paint pen to write a funny phrase ("all my best friends are flakes!") or an inspirational message on the other side of the jar.

Finally, fill the jar with a favorite winter candy. Leave the jar out on a coffee table or on your kitchen counter where friends and family can access it.  

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