How to Make a Tapas Bar for Your Next Party

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If you enjoy entertaining in your Flagstaff apartments but don’t want to have a formal sit-down meal, a tapas bar is the perfect solution. The concept of tapas comes from the Spanish town of Seville. Tapas are commonly served in the bars of Seville to help sustain the revelers. Traditionally, tapas are served to guests standing and are a “help yourself” kind of meal. The dishes are quite varied, but they are always offered in small portions.

How to Make the Tapas Bar

A great place to serve your tapas is your kitchen counter in your apartment in Flagstaff. There’s lots of counter space, so you’ll be able to spread out the dishes so that each guest is able to reach whatever they want. The first thing you’ll want to do is plan your menu. Tapas bars can be made from any food, as long as it can be served in a small dish or bowl. Typical tapas food can include things like:

  • olives
  • almonds
  • cheese
  • crackers
  • toast corners
  • fruit

You aren’t limited to any one particular menu, so let your imagination carry the day.

Choosing Serving Dishes

The serving dishes should be plentiful, but small. The largest dish should be about the size of a saucer. Be sure to provide enough toothpicks so that guests don’t have to use their fingers. If you want, you can invest in some of those tiny appetizer forks they sell at party stores, too.

Setting the Tone

To ensure your guests get the complete tapas experience, play some Spanish music in the background at a low level. The mood should be lively, but not so heavy that the music dominates the environment. Your guests should be able to converse without having to shout. If you want to serve alcohol at your tapas bar, there are some nice Spanish wines you can choose from at your local grocery or wine store.

The best thing about a tapas bar is that you and your guests can either treat it like an appetizer and go out to dinner later, or you can make it the main meal. It all depends on how many tapas you opt to serve. For more great ideas about your Flagstaff, AZ apartments or to see available models, please contact us today.

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