How to Stay Organized When You’re Busy

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Need to know how to stay more organized in your apartment? When things get busy with work or school, it’s never easy to keep your apartment organized. Fortunately, these tips will help you figure out how to get your life in order even when things seem chaotic in general.

Use the One-Minute Rule

This is a great rule that can help you throughout your entire life. If the task takes less than one minute, consider it done. Make sure you complete tasks that take less than a minute right away because these things can make a huge difference in your organization (taking out the garbage, putting the dishes away from the dishwasher, folding a basket of laundry).

Learn How to Make Decisions Quickly

Many people struggle with small decisions that they need to make on a regular basis. Should I buy the fat-free milk or the 1% milk? Do I need the extra-strength garbage bags or will regular strength do? What toothpaste do I buy? Unfortunately, these decisions take a large chunk of time out of your day, so learn to make them faster.

Have a Home for Everything

This is a big one. Make sure that every item you have has a home in your home. Staying organized is about doing the small things quickly. When you get home from work or school, for example, you should know where to put your keys, your coat, your purse or wallet, and your book bag. When things like these don’t have a home, that’s when your apartment gets cluttered and disorganized.

Get Organized in Your Very Own Stylish Apartment

Style and organize your new apartment just the way you like it when you move into one of our cozy Flagstaff apartments for rent! University Square Apartments offer the best off-campus NAU housing in the area. You’ll get all the convenience and comfort of University Square’s unique situation. Plus, you’ll be within walking distance to NAU campus!

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