New Décor Colors to Try in 2018

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mustard yellow decor

In the year 2017, pink was the most popular color in the home and fashion design. The chances are high that you’re so used to pink and all its rose incarnations and would like try something new. We bring you the two colors we believe will rule the home and fashion design in 2018.


It’s becoming a trend to have lavender in its numerous hues take over decor accessories. Maybe you're concerned that lavender will make you look like you're stuck in the ‘90s. That'll not be the case if you learn what to pair the color with.

Pearly whites and silvers do an excellent job of counterbalancing the intensity of the color. While you may not like too much purple, there's proof that lavender will blend perfectly with wood, gray and white.

You can also take a pretty creative approach when it comes to using lavender for home décor. Try pairing it with Kelly green and yellow. You know what? Several of the rental properties with such color combinations look excellent.

Mustard Yellow

There’s yet another contender for the color of the year–mustard yellow. Aside from being earthy, mustard yellow hues are close to being neutrals themselves. The mustard yellow color is highly versatile as it qualifies as a gallery wall backdrop, fits pretty much every furniture and will still look fantastic.

Besides, the kitchen seems to welcome the mustard yellow, too. The bright, earthy hue brings a lightness to this room. Go right ahead and pair your yellow with black for something even more stunning. Also, mustard pairs well with mint and other pastels.

Looking to upgrade your décor in your home? We can tell mustard yellow, or lavender will become the next big thing. Either of the two tones will live your room polished and classy. And if you’re looking for Flagstaff apartments, University Square Apartments located off-campus NAU never disappoint. Call us at (844) 795-6793 to find out about apartment floor plans and the directions.

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