5 Ways To Avoid Dirty Dish Pile-Ups

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Cooking may be an art form, but doing the post-meal dishes remains a chore we’d all like to get through quickly and efficiently. Here are some dish-duty tips for our University Square community members in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Multi-Task While Cooking

Although focusing on the cooking can be a joy in and of itself, there should be enough wiggle room during the food creation time to give a quick wash to certain items. If you beat a few eggs, that bowl can benefit from a quick splash hot water and soap without slowing you down. If you use breadcrumbs to coat chicken for parmesan, consider washing the plate once everything is in the pan. Taking care of minor items as you go will make the final task less onerous.

Reduce Your Dishware Count

For those that truly abhor doing dishes, the washing and drying can be a significant source of procrastination. That means the pile in the sink may keep growing until you simply run out of plates, bowls and cups. Be your own best friend and calculate how many dishware items you really need and limit your inventory. If you have only 4 plates, you will be tasked with washing them when they’re all dirty or ordering take-out indefinitely.

One Meal, One Pot

The single-pot method of cooking can be actualized by planning meals. There are numerous one-pot recipes that are but a Google search away. Many are nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare. Hey, who can’t wash just one pot!

Avoid Overnight Mistakes

One of the biggest errors dishwashing haters make is soaking things in soap and water. On the surface, it sounds like such a good solution to loosen up clinging food. In reality, you can’t stand the idea of scrubbing and that pot, plate or bowl may sit there for days and get seriously tainted in the process. Scrub fast, scrub hard and don’t use “soaking” as a procrastination tool.

We hope these dishwashing suggestions help our University Square community members push through that unwelcome task. If you or a friend would like more information about our Flagstaff apartments, call us today.

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