How to Host a Holiday Dinner in Your Apartment

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The holidays are fast approaching, and our traditions are intricately connected with get-togethers for meals. People gather to socialize, eat, laugh and make memories together. When you're planning to host a holiday dinner at your apartment, there are many factors to consider. Here are some tips to turn your party into a smashing success.

Guest List

Everyone's super busy during the holiday season, so plan the date and time of your get together well in advance. Decide who you will invite. Will your guests be family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, or a mix of all of the above? Consider how much space you have and what type of atmosphere you're striving to create when determining who to invite. Send out invitations or simply invite people via phone or email.

The Food Feast

Of course, the centerpiece of your holiday dinner gathering is the food. As much time as possible before the event, decide what you will serve. Include main dishes like turkey, beef, and/or fish. Also add to the menu, side dishes like rice, potatoes, vegetables and fruit. Don't forget desserts like pies, cakes and cookies. Find out ahead of time whether any of your guests have special dietary requirements such as gluten- or dairy-free or vegetarian. Serve food that will meet everyone's dietary needs. Consider having a potluck-style get together by inviting guests to bring side dishes to share.

Ambiance and Mood

Decide what type of tone and style you want to set, whether that's low-key or a bit more upbeat. You can plan decorations and background music based on that. Make sure you have plenty of serving dishes, silverware, plates and glasses for everyone who will attend your holiday dinner.

You'll need a place to call home as the spot for your holiday dinner. If you're looking for apartments in Flagstaff that are ideal for hosting special get togethers, call our office today to see which floor plans are still available.

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