5 Student-Friendly Fall Activities

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Fall can be a stressful time for college students, so it's important to kick back and relax in your Flagstaff apartment once in a while. Our close-knit community offers the opportunity to make new friends and get together with old ones. The weather is cooler and the holiday stress is still far off. Why not grab some friends for one of these fun activities?

Horror Movie Night

Download a couple of creepy films, either old classics or newer horror screamers and spend a weekend night clutching pillows to hide behind. Pop some popcorn and open some drinks and you'll be set to scream the night away.


Now that you've settled into campus, why not spend a day exploring your new neighborhood? Lace on some walking shoes, grab a backpack and plan to spend the day finding out what your community has to offer.

Community Spooks

Check the local paper for fun community spooky activity. Who's got the scariest haunted house around? Are there haunted hay rides or haunted horse trails? Grab some friends and spend an evening scaring yourself with the local offerings.


Make yourself feel good by doing good! Look for local senior centers, food banks or other charitable organizations and offer your services a couple of weekends a month. You may end up building houses for the homeless or serving Thanksgiving dinner to a crowd of adorable kids. Whatever the group, you'll get a great feeling inside by helping those who need a helping hand.

Get Active!

Get active on campus to have fun while doing something meaningful. Is there a cause that means a lot to you? Whether it's helping with shelter dogs or advocating for a political party, doing something meaningful is one of the best ways to spend your free time.

We've got a vibrant and active community at University Square. Call our office to see how well you'd like living here.

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