Keep Your Brain Sharp with These 5 Tips

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Summer is a time for relaxing and taking a break from your studies, but how can you keep your brain in good shape for the upcoming school year? You don’t have to spend the summer brushing up on material you’ve learned already while cooped up in your Flagstaff home. Instead, you can give your brain a good workout by keeping it active with the following tips. 

Write in a Journal

Keeping a journal gives you a chance to put your thoughts and ideas on paper while also working on your writing skills. It also provides you with an opportunity to think about the day you’ve had and everything that happened during that time, which can help improve your memory. 

Play Mentally Stimulating Games

Whether you’re a fan of crossword puzzles, video games or both, spend time playing games that challenge your cognitive skills. This could mean solving puzzles and even engaging in some problem solving if you play strategy games. 

Have Meaningful Discussions

Being social and engaging in intellectual discussions with others on certain topics helps keep you on your toes in a mental sense. Chatting with other people can provide you with different perspectives on subjects and give you a chance to have healthy debates. 

Break Out the Maps

If you’re traveling this summer or just exploring the local area, use a map to get around instead of depending on GPS. Reading a map requires more brain power than letting GPS tell you where to go.

Read Thought-Provoking Material

Put a number of books that require some critical thinking skills on your part on your summer reading list. You should also include works of fiction that encourage you to use your imagination. 

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