Summer Road Trip Essentials

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Summer is the prime time to travel, which is why our summer bucket list includes taking a road trip! If that’s on your list of things to do this summer, remember that part of the thrill of the journey is getting there. A road trip means a long ride, and it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable on your journey. We’re here to help with a list of essential items for your summer road trip!

Pick out a fun audiobook you and your passengers can listen to. (We’re a little partial, but Jim Dale’s reading of the Harry Potter series is kind of the best thing ever.)

Rather than the traditional junky road food, be sure to stock up on some healthy treats—apples, granola bars, etc.—that will keep you full in between stops!

Facial Spray
Road trips can wreak havoc on your skin’s moisture, so grab a face or skin mist to carry with you on the road. Check out this article from Refinery 29 that covers some of the best facial mists to keep you hydrated this summer!

Travel Wipes
It’s not always easy to get out of the car to freshen up or wash your hands. Travel wipes help solve the problem of sticky skin on the go! We love Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes … They may be baby wipes, but they’re really perfect for any age. Use them to wash your hands, refresh your face, and, yes, pep your pits.

This is kind of a given, right? While you should always have a map, you should also invest in a good GPS to help make your travels a little easier. You can rely on your phone, but you probably want a stand-alone device, especially if you’re using your phone for anything else (music, movies, entertaining passengers, etc.) to preserve your battery. If you’re using your phone, check out Waze, an awesome social traffic reporting app that gets you live updates on road conditions from fellow travelers!

Travel Charger
Speaking of devices, you definitely want to make sure you bring a good car charger! Especially if you’re riding with more than one person, we recommend at least a dual USB car charger. We like the Anker PowerDrive 5, a 5-port USB car charger that will soon become your ultimate travel companion!

Tummy Drops
Traveling can take a big toll on your tummy … and that’s where Tummy Drops come in. The ginger drops contain a special blend that some folks swear by for general stomach upsets and motion sickness. And bonus: these drops are Gluten-free and non-GMO, making them an awesome natural option!

Car Emergency Kit
Everyone should have a first aid kit in the car. And you definitely want to have a kit for roadside emergencies. The AAA Excursion Road Kit is our favorite, because it has both these must-have items in one package. It includes first air supplies, batteries, booster cables, accident forms, tools, duct tape, and more to ensure a safer trip while you’re on the road!

Some folks may think that a long drive means drinking less to avoid potty breaks, but the reality is you NEED to stay hydrated. Be sure to bring plenty of water and juice to keep yourself and any passengers refreshed on the road.

Along with snacks and drinks, you may want to bring a travel-sized cooler to keep your items fresh on the road. Grab some ice, or an insulated cooler, and keep it tucked in the back seat for easy access for your passengers, or in the front passenger seat if you’re driving alone.

Digital Camera
Again, you could use your phone, but we recommend you keep a separate camera with you to document your trip. You never know what you’ll see, and a camera will help you preserve those treasured moments forever! (PS: Have you seen these Fuji Instax cameras? Make it a retro road trip with some instant camera action!)

Car Vent Clip
We’re not saying you stink or anything, but after a few hours in the car the air is bound to get a little stagnant. Give your car a fresh scent, and yourself a little travel pick me up, with a Febreeze car vent clip!

Car Games
Especially on a long trip, you’ll want to make sure you plan to entertain yourself and anyone traveling with you. There’s always the license plate game, but we recommend trivia, car karaoke, or any other game that’s going to keep you all entertained for a while!

Road Trip Playlist
No road trip is complete without the ultimate playlist! Get together with your traveling buddies and create a playlist of songs to keep you jamming until you reach your final destination. If you’re traveling alone, have your friends send you some of their favorite songs so you can take them with you in a small way.

Safe and Fun Travels! Share your road trip memories with us on Instagram!

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