Five Easy Renter Friendly DIY Projects

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5 Easy Renter Friendly DIY Projects

This April our focus is RYAS: Rocking Your Apartment’s Socks! We’ll take you from recipes to try in the kitchen to thrifty apartment décor and much more!

This week we’re bringing you five easy apartment DIY projects that you can knock out over the weekend! Not only are they all super easy, but they’re great and inexpensive ways to upgrade your home without breaking the bank or losing your security deposit! Since spring is the perfect time for cleaning and reorganizing your apartment, we’re sure you’ll love using these projects as incentives for getting your home fresh for the season!

DIY Pillows

Nothing will jazz up secondhand furniture (thanks, mom) like a new piece of décor … even something as simple as a few new homemade pillows! All you need is some canvas fabric, fabric paint, and foam stamps or other pattern makers to craft some beautiful homemade pillows to decorate your favorite seats! Check out a simple guide to some fun designs using nothing but foam stamps and masking tape here: Hand Printed Pillows

DIY Chalkboard Containers

Want to add some green to your home? You’ll love these easy chalkboard pots for your new plants! Pick up a few cheap, plain plant pots, painter’s tape, chalkboard paint, and a sponge brush to paint your own perfect planters. Our favorite upgrade on this project is to paint some old mason jars and use them for small item storage; using chalkboard paint lets you easily label and relabel your jars as you repurpose them over and over! Here’s a basic guide to painting with chalkboard paint: Chalkboard Paint Jars


If you’re struggling to find the perfect art for your walls, look no further than your local fabric store. Head to the sale aisle to find fabric squares, scraps, and other lengths you can easily frame to make colorful art for every room. You can jazz things up with fabric stretched over a canvas frame; pin it to the back or use spray craft glue to easily smooth it over the canvas and tuck into corners on the back! Brit + Co provides an easy tutorial for creating your own canvas art here: Fabric Canvas Art

DIY Rope Rug

Add instant style to your apartment with a hand crafted area rug! We love the look of circular rope rugs (and all you have to do is wrap the rope in a circle to make it!), and they’re perfect floor pieces for any home no matter what your decorating style. Check out an easy guide to making your own from Completely Coastal: DIY Round Rope Mat or Rug

DIY Wall Mount Side Table

This is one of our favorites, and adds instant eye-appeal to your living space! It’s a project that takes more effort than the other projects we’ve given you to try (you’ll need a saw and hand drill) but it’s well worth it! Learn how to make your own wall mounted side tables here: Wall Mount Side Table

Happy Crafting!

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